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The Mission of Parkway Hills Church is passionately reaching, teaching, restoring and celebrating life in God’s family.​

The Church of the Nazarene ministers to more than 1.2 million members worshiping in more than 11,800 churches in the United States, Canada, and 116 other world areas.

Nazarenes are passionate about making a difference in the world. This means taking the Good News of Jesus Christ around the globe. We currently have 665 missionaries and volunteers serving in 116 areas around the world. Nazarenes are also engaged in starting new churches, making their communities better places in which to live.

Nazarenes support 10 liberal arts institutions in the United States, Canada, and Africa, as well as 2 graduate seminaries and 43 undergraduate Bible/Theological colleges worldwide. The church operates 2 hospitals, 38 medical clinics, 3 nurses training colleges, 1 teacher training college, 1 junior college, and more than 430 primary and secondary schools – serving 51,000 children outside the United States and Canada.

Our Sunday morning service features music, multimedia, and a practical message relating the Bible to everyday life. It is designed to appeal to everyone, whether it’s your first time in church, or your 1,000th!

We offer a variety of Sunday School classes and small group Bible studies at various times during the week. These are times that we can meet and learn more about God’s word and how we can become better Christians. These “small groups” are groups of people with the same interests such as biking, hiking, sewing, and crafts (or whatever it may be).  The small groups meet together with the purpose of studying God’s Word, as well as developing a bond of friendship that these two interests can create.  We welcome everyone, and if you have a small group you would like to start, we can help!

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